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Twice Dead (1988), Evil Toons (1992) + more

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Located directly across the street from the People Under The Stairs house is another Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument which was used in several B-movies, even making a few recent appearances.

The house is known as the Beckett Residence.  It was built in 1905 and declared a landmark in 1973.  The house was featured as the primary location in both Twice Dead (1988) and Evil Toons (1992).

Twice Dead
Evil Toons
Evil Toons

Just like the People Under The Stairs house, this house also makes small appearances in both The Convent (2000) and The Immortalizer (1989).

The Convent
The Immortalizer

It can be spotted near the beginning of The Convent as the home of the main girl, Clorissa.  It was used for the epilogue scene of The Immortalizer, as the new location of the laboratory. 

The Attic Expeditions

The house served as the primary location for The Attic Expeditions (2001), which featured actress Wendy Robie from The People Under The Stairs at the location. 

Lethal Eviction aka Grayson Arms
Lethal Eviction aka Grayson Arms

The house was also used as the primary setting of Lethal Eviction (2005), also known as Grayson Arms.  The movie featured a pre-Dexter Jennifer Carpenter playing twins.

The house (sporting a bright pink paint job) was also the primary setting in Running With Scissors (2006).  Most recently, the house makes a brief appearance in the Ashton Kutcher / Natalie Portman romantic comedy No Strings Attached (2011)

Running With Scissors
No Strings Attached

The interiors of this house were also used in Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007) remake.  The upstairs hallway and bedrooms of the Myer's house were filmed here, where Michael kills his sister near the beginning of the movie.  


Last October, the house actually opened it's doors to the public, serving as a Halloween attraction.  Attendees were led on a guided tour through the house for an interactive "haunted play" called Delusion.  The attraction ran for approximately two weeks, with 5 or 6 tours a night.  
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Coordinates: 34.035740, -118.306253
Visible on Street View: Yes

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