Friday, December 30, 2011


Welcome to The Location Scout: A Virtual Guide To Feature Film Locations!

This site will feature information and mapping coordinates to filming locations.  For now, the focus will be primarily on the horror genre. 

PLEASE READ: If anyone is in the vicinity of these locations and decides to go visit them, BE RESPECTFUL!  Do not trespass.  Filming locations are a fascinating part of cinema history, but first and foremost these are people's homes and businesses.  Don't go any further than the sidewalk. 

A quick guide to online mapping services:

Google Maps - This has an advantage over the other mapping services, because it offers Street View, which will give you the best look at the locations.  Street View isn't always available though. 

Just plug in an address or coordinates, and it should provide you with an aerial view.  Make sure to zoom in and out for a better look.  On the left side of the page, you will see the address and options such as: Directions, Search Nearby, Save To Map, More.  By clicking More, you should see an option for Street View.  This will give you a view from the street, allowing you to move around from the road. 

Google Earth - A downloadable version of Google Maps, offering aerial views.  The cool thing about this one is the Timeline feature, where you can browse aerial views from several different dates, going back to the 1990s.  Clicking the clock picture will bring up a bar, showing the time intervals available for the location.

Bing Maps - Bing typically offers better aerial views.  The results usually show as a standard road map, but by clicking Bird's Eye or Aerial it offers an aerial satellite image.  Another advantage is that using Bird's Eye offers aerial views from several different angles.  In Bird's Eye, clicking the arrows around the compass will give you different angles. 

Wikimapia - Another mapping service, offering aerial views.  The imagery comes from Google Maps.