Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pet Sematary (1989)

Creed House
Creed House
Creed House
Crandall House

The Creed home in Pet Sematary in located in Hancock, Maine.  Stephen King himself was present for most of the filming, as it was filmed not too far from his own home.  Jud Crandall’s house across the street appears completely different than it did in the movie.  What is seen in the film is a façade that was built overtop of the existing home.  However, the garage behind Jud’s house is the same as it was in the movie. 
Location: Hancock, ME
Coordinates (Creed Home): 44.508402, -68.254887
Coordinates (Crandall Home): 44.508087, -68.254262
Visible on Street View: No

Mt. Hope Cemetery

The cemetery scenes were filmed at Mt Hope Cemetery in Bangor, Maine.  This is where Stephen King makes his cameo in the film.  In addition to appearing in Pet Sematary, the cemetery has been referenced in a few of King’s novels.  In the book It, Georgie Denbrough was buried there. 
Location: Bangor, ME
Coordinates: 44.821573, -68.725521
Visible on Street View: Yes


  1. Where was the Pet cematary filmed and the indian burial ground. Also how do you find these locations. I'm trying to find some from other king movies like Children of the Corn, It, Cujo, Tommyknockers, creepshow, and a tv-movie from 2002 called Disappearance. imdb isn't much help.

  2. I'm not sure of the specific location of the Pet Sematary. The rock formation that Louis and Jud climb to get there is at Hall Quarry in Acadia National Park. It is located on the western shores of Somes Sound in Mt Desert, Maine.

    As for finding locations, I mainly research. If I can't find the information online, I keep an eye out for clues in the movie (house numbers, street signs, etc). I try to site my sources when available.

    You can find a few locations from Children Of The Corn, Creepshow, and Cujo online. The other three films you mentioned were filmed outside of the United States.

    Here is a great resource for Children Of The Corn:

    Also, the house from Cujo (where they are attacked) is somewhere in the vicinity of Casey Becker's house from Scream. If you look up the Scream post on this blog, you should find a little information on it.

    Hope this helps. Maybe I will look into doing a post on some of these movies in the future.

  3. A few of the cemetery shots were filmed in Hampden, Maine. The "Indian burial ground", I believe was in Sedgwick, Maine (the field's coordinates are 44.371377, -68.652429). The scene where the truck has rolled over is also just north of that location, at the end of the Mines Road (Blue Hill Road).