Sunday, January 8, 2012

Superstition (1982)

Superstition (1982) was filmed at Garbutt House in Los Angeles.

Garbutt House
Garbutt House
Garbutt House

Wikipedia tells an interesting story of the filming at this location:
"In 1981, a low-budget Carolco horror film called "Superstition" (about a haunted house on the site where a woman was put to death as a witch 300 years earlier) was shot at Garbutt House. The shooting of "Superstition" was reportedly subject to incidents of alleged "haunting", including one in which a security guard who was required to spend the night in the house quit after reporting he had seen a "ghost", another security guard who saw the helmet on a Knight's armor display float off the shoulders of the armor and disappear into the kitchen area and another in which the film's director was locked in a room when the doorknob fell off and had to be pried free with crowbars."
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Coordinates: 34.089955, -118.263324
Visible on Street View: No
Before Restoration  (YouTube)

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