Friday, September 20, 2013

You're Next (2011)

Columbia Country Club

The recent indie-horror hit You're Next (2011) was filmed in Columbia, Missouri, hometown of the film's writer Simon Barrett.  The English-tudor style mansion used in the film is located near the 6th hole green at the Columbia Country Club.  The movie was shot on location (interiors and all) in 26 days during March / April of 2011.  The filmmakers had to create fake walls and covered the floors with carpets in order to prevent damage to the mansion.  

A few websites claim that director Adam Wingard's previous films, A Horrible Way To Die (2010) and "Tape 56" from V/H/S (2012), were filmed in the same mansion, but I don't believe this is true.  According to LionsGate's production notes, the house was found only two weeks before production began.  The V/H/S segment was shot shortly before production began on You're Next.  However, all three films were shot in and around Columbia, Missouri.  

The mansion was built in 1927 during prohibition, and the crew found hidden liquor cabinets built into the walls.  When the production crew rented the house, it had been vacant for over ten years.  The house recently sold in January of this year (2013) and is now a private residence.  
Location: Columbia, MO
Coordinates: 38.956118, -92.308135
Visible on Street View: No

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