Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Giver (2014)

Haven't done a post in a long time, figured I might throw one together really quick.

I watched The Giver (2014) this afternoon.  A majority of the movie was filmed in South Africa, the notable exception being the film's final scene...

Brighton, Utah
Brighton, Utah
Brighton, Utah
Brighton, Utah

The cabin from the ending of The Giver is located in Brighton, Utah, just east of Salt Lake City.  In reality, the cabin is a vacation rental, situated between a lake and a ski resort (Silver Lake and The Brighton Ski Resort, respectively), so you could even spend a weekend there if you're so inclined.  The vacation rental listing even mentions that it was featured in The Giver as a selling point. You can see pictures of the property, including the stunning interiors, in the listing link below. 
Location: Brighton, UT
Coordinates: 40.601707, -111.587743
Visible on Street View: No

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