Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Little Eye (2002)

My Little Eye (2002) was filmed in Nova Scotia.

House Of Roth - Clementsport, NS
House Of Roth - Clementsport, NS

The entire movie takes place at a secluded house in the middle of nowhere, where five contestants are forced to live for six months while being filmed for a webcast.  In reality, the exterior of the house is square-dance center / campground called the House Of Roth, located in Clementsport.  Interiors were built on a disused indoor fitness center in Burnside, clear across Nova Scotia on the outskirts of Halifax. 
Location: Clementsport, NS, Canada
Coordinates: 44.665154, -65.614729
Visible on Street View: No

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  1. If you want to do River's Edge (1986) I put the home addresses on the IMDB page, and found them by looking up the house numbers. Most of it is in Tujunga, Ca.